Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Product Reviews on RXBAR, Garnier Hair, and Dove Exfoliating

I received these products through PINCHme, free of charge, to sample and review. My opinions are truthful, sincere, and completely my own.

Garnier Whole Blends Shampoo and Conditioner

I have medium to long, relatively thick hair, so I appreciate great hair products.  Admittedly, I'm not a loyal hair care brand consumer.  I'll try anything and sometimes, I'll like it for a while and then I feel like my hair needs something different to shake it up. Then I'll go back to using the products again.  I was using another brand of shampoo with a different name brand conditioner before I decided to try these products.  First impression was that these products had a very pleasant scent.  My hair after it was dry was soft and tangle- free.  I will definitely buy this product and add it to the list of hair products I rotate with.

Dove Exfoliating Body Polish

I was so excited to try this product! First off, it smells amazing.  Then when I lathered it all over in the shower, it just felt luxurious on my skin.  It's a real treat and sort of feels like going to the spa without actually going to the spa. My skin felt soft and pampered.  Would I buy it for myself? Most likely.

RXBAR Kids Protein Bar (Chocolate Chip)

Full disclosure, I'm not a big fan of protein bars in general.  But I do have them handy for the kids to be used for snacks and such.  I usually make my brand decisions based on what's on sale for the week with previous taste approval from my kids.  But I'm very picky and will rarely rave about them unless I feel the product is deserving.  Unfortunately, this product fell very short. The texture was grainy as opposed to the texture of a candy bar.  The flavor was chocolate chip so I was hoping for a nice chocolate finish.  But the taste had the impression of being processed and artificial.  I will not be seeking out this product for purchase.

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Interesting Filipino Dishes You Might Want to Try

In general, I consider myself an adventurous eater or at least an open-minded one.  Having said that, I'm not always willing to try EVERYTHING, but food is and has always been fascinating to me. Here is a fun video showcasing some of the unique tastes of the Philippines (my country of origin), specifically Palawan Island. Warning: if you're vegetarian or anywhere near repelled by meat of any kind, please don't watch the video.  Dishes featured inside the video: Crispy Pata, Crocodile special dish (with coconut milk), Crocodile Sisig. I've never tried crocodile before, but I have to say, I just might in the future, if it's presented this well.

Monday, February 19, 2018

The Only Thing That Keeps a Man

I was in a conversation with an older woman I've known my whole life, let's call her "Diana" for anonymity's sake, about a friend of mine who was a single divorced mom (I'll refer to her as Marsha) whose ex-husband is now re-married. The divorce occurred in the first place due to the ex-husband's infidelity. As my conversation with Diana progressed, she began to say Marsha didn't take care of herself or she somehow didn't fulfill her ex-husband's needs. Diana even asked, "Is the new wife pretty?" Rather than jump on Diana and get angry at her blatant and offensive judgement of a fellow female and friend, I kept in mind the old-school backwards thinking that many women grew up with.  "Keeping a man" meant  making sure you pampered him, and above all else made sure you remained beautiful so he "wouldn't look elsewhere".  I couldn't help myself and responded to Diana by telling her that it doesn't matter if the new wife is pretty or even what Marsha did or didn't do.  Marriages are hard enough as it is.  If there are issues, then the two members of that marriage have to work together to communicate and fix issues.  If the husband or wife strays from the marriage that is a blatant choice on the individual's part.  Staying faithful is a choice. Period.
I can only imagine the toll a woman's self esteem takes when they have been cheated on. Maybe if I put on more make-up, gave him more sex, cooked him better could go on and on.  But a man who is faithful and true doesn't need all of those things to stay the course with a woman he loves.  Let me say it again, staying faithful is a choice.  When I married my husband, I made a commitment to love and cherish him above all else. Does that mean there aren't days we get on each other nerves? Seriously? Absolutely not.  Even the best marriages have their challenging moments.  I remember telling my husband early on in our marriage that if he ever decided to cheat, he needs to make sure that that's what he really wants because there's no going back from that action. I had two deal breakers: physical violence and cheating.  Everything else was forgiveable and workable.  As far as I know, he's stayed true and faithful to me for 17 years...not because I did anything special and treated him with anything more than love and respect, but because he is a man with integrity who decides every day to stay faithful to the marriage. He chooses it every day, as do I.
I'm not a relationship expert.  All I have is a long-term, committed relationship with my husband that requires constant communication and laughs. Lots of laughs.  We made sure we became a team when we got married and stayed a team through life's struggles and challenges. Without a doubt, he has my back! And I hope he knows I have his.

The only thing that keeps a him deciding to be kept.  Period.  So find that man. Work on being an amazing person (whatever that is for you) and find a partner who is amazing also. And if you're a man reading this looking for your faithful partner, the same rules go.  The only thing that keeps a her deciding to be kept.  Choose wisely. XO

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Friday, February 9, 2018

What Made You Laugh Today?

I love the saying, "gratitude turns what we have into enough". In my continuing and ever forward moving quest to live a life of gratitude, I want to focus on the gift of laughter.  Laughing is one of my favorite things to do and I'm thankful for the funny people around me that give me joy. And thank you internet for the ever flowing source of creative & sometimes outrageous humor out there! 
Here's a "parent joke" that some might be able to relate to. (As the mother of older kids, don't worry, it gets better.  When their teenagers, they have very little desire to cuddle with you let alone sleep in the same bed.) LOL!!
Some Dad's get the BEST sleep!  LOL!
Dedicated to my favorite teachers!
Accurate, maybe? LOL!
So, does this count?
Numbers don't lie, right?
If you're politically sensitive & lean towards the right, you might want to skip the following joke.
Honestly, who wouldn't want to yell that?! Just too perfect!
Really though, why the double standard?
And the next one is another political joke & may possibly offend?  Skip or read at your discretion.
Who is this guy running against?  I'm reserving my right to vote for the other canine.
Life can get so serious.  Make sure you find time to look at the funny things in life and enjoy laughter!
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Thursday, February 1, 2018

Burger King Teaches a Lesson on Net Neutrality

So, I've been told that these are not actors--that they really did film this piece on unsuspecting customers who genuinely just wanted to eat.  I have to admit, I cringed a few times at their reactions. LOL! But I appreciate the lesson and message.  
Thanks for joining the fight Burger King! LOL!

I thought this was an interesting breakdown of where certain groups stand on Net Neutrality.
Net Neutrality has been officially repealed by the FCC.  But the fight is not over.  Continue to be informed, speak out and be involved.  If it's important to you, work for it--fight for it!
Source: The FCC Just Killed Net Neutrality. Now What?
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Thursday, January 25, 2018

Climate Change is Real, So Why Don't You Believe It?

I have no interest in getting into a discussion of whether or not Climate Change is real. The statistics are out there, and the scientific community are in agreement that human activity (excessive use of fossil fuels, pollution, and unsustainable practices) are causing damage to our environment. Our oceans are getting warmer and more acidic and wildlife is being threatened.  I have been conscious of my carbon footprint for many years and have passed on this awareness to my children.  But some people still believe that Climate Change is a hoax--that the planet is not being damaged so human behavior does not need to be altered in regards to better ecological practices.  In my experience, when people have set beliefs, it's difficult to convince them otherwise, despite having scientific facts and reasoning. The following video from YouTube gives some insight as to why some people still don't believe that Climate Change is real....
  • Why People Don't Believe in Climate Change       
  • Humans respond better to threats that involve P.A.I.N--Personal, Abrupt, Immoral, & things that affect us Now
  • Optimism bias- bad things won't happen to us--just other people. 
  • Cherry pick evidence, there are other explanations
  • Believes that the small percentage of uncertainty in Science makes it false, even though 97% of scientists are in agreement. 
  • Framework of beliefs, social group beliefs
I don't really recommend arguing, since it often leads nowhere....but in a sane conversation or discussion, this might be helpful.

In response to a recent (famous) comment (paraphrased), "Well, the East is having it's coldest winter EVER. Climate Change is not real". 

Let's be aware of the things that we do to and for the environment. Changes and better practices start in our homes. So, make the effort to lower your carbon footprint. It's not too late. One World. One Planet!   
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Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Books are the Cheapest Vacation You Can Buy

Traveling is super expensive, right? If you ever get the chance to discover other places, experience the way others live and see beautiful sights and landmarks, please take it! Traveling is the best adventure! Then, there's reading! The second best way to "discover other places, experience the way others live and see beautiful sights and landmarks."  Fiction is my jam.  And Contemporary Romance is Peanut Butter.  Not sure, how that sounds...but anyway, you get the gist.  I love reading my favorite genre.  Here are my latest finds and recommendations...

Almost in Love by Kylie Gilmore: Barry Furnukle (yes that’s what the author names the leading man) and Amber are two opposite individuals who grow to cherish one another’s company.  They become friends with Barry always wanting more—and relentlessly trying to convince Amber that she does also.  Well, Amber sort of wants more too, but she’s not sure if their differences are compatible for romance.   There are so many cute moments in the book and Barry is what I’d like to describe as “adorkable” (honestly one of my weaknesses).  Amber, with pink hair, is the typical “artsy” type, but underneath it all, she’s just a girl looking for that amazing romantic connection. It’s easy to fall in love with their story. 

Bidding on Brooks: The Winslow Brothers by Katy Regnery:  Imagine having a giant crush on a guy you’ve known since you were about ten years old, who you grow up continuing to admire. Then as an adult, he asks for a really huge favor involving some alone time on a boat for about a week but then says, “…I don’t even see you as a girl, really…”  That’s the predicament Skye finds herself in. She knows and believes Brooks to be a great person.  Can she blame him for not seeing her as a girl? Ugh…well, she’d certainly like to.  Nevertheless, she agrees to help and off they go on a sailing adventure…These  two have some great chemistry! Give this book a read and allow yourself to have some awesome feels for this couple—root for them, like I found myself doing! 

Let Me Be the One by Lily Foster: The story of Darcy and Tom will give you all kinds of feels.  Tom is that guy that every girl wants but he falls for only one—that’s Darcy.  Darcy has the same pull with the opposite sex but also has eyes for only Tom.  Their relationship is intense, they love hard but also have the power to hurt each other like no other person can.  They both have to figure out what is the most important thing to them—their pride or each other.  And without spoiling too much, as a reader, you’ll hope they realize it’s each other they want.  They’re just that adorable.  This is one I couldn’t put down, but felt sad when it was over.  This is the first of the “Let Me” series and continues with other romances of familiar characters. 

Mmmm...seems like a pattern. LOL!
That's like, a lot.  I love you a lot! ☺️

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