Friday, January 6, 2017

I Disappear Into Books, What's Your Superpower?

Feeling pretty powerful right about now, recommending these fun titles. Please enjoy! 18 and over only though. :-)
Breakaway by Catherine Gayle

Dana Campbells was brutally attacked which resulted in changing her life forever—derailing her hockey career & rendering her unable to form lasting personal relationships.  She was prone to panic attacks & her quality of life was deteriorating.  On the advice of her therapist, she had to look for a sex surrogate to help her get passed her struggle with physical intimacy.  Rather than do that, she decides to ask her brother’s best friend, Eric, a man she trusts, whom she’s grown up with, with whom she’s held a torch for, to help her passed her struggles.  She wants her plan to work, but can she get over an even bigger hurt—having to say goodbye to a man she loves?  This book was so heart wrenching.  Dana is such an admirable character—rising passed & above such a horrific incident.  Read her story & support all the real women she represents! This is the first book in the Portland Storm series. 
When You’re Ready by J.L. Berg

First there was Clare and Ethan—young, married and in-love.  Then cancer rears it’s ugly head and takes Ethan away leaving Clare to raise their daughter, Maddie, alone.  Handsome doctor, Logan, carrying his own baggage,  enters their lives and fits like a snug glove.  Clare wonders if one person can be so lucky as to have two great loves in a lifetime.   But life is anything but devoid of challenges.  And no doubt, there are some heading Clare & Logan’s way.  Will their love triumph it all? Read to find out.  Believe me, the literary journey is worth it!
Fever by Melissa Pearl

Ella lost her parents as a teenager and found solice in her two best friends, Morgan and Jody & her boyfriend, David.  At the guidance of David, she moves across the country to attend the same college as him & to follow their dreams. Or are they David’s dreams? She sings in the communal shower & finds a “song soulmate” (from the other side of the wall) she can’t get out of her head.  And to add to her already conflicted brain, she finds herself magnetically attracted to David’s roommate and best friend, Cole. Does David really know who Ella is—her desires, her dreams, her likes & dislikes?  Who is Ella really meant to be with?  This is one of those stories I found really hard to put down.  I really wanted to know what was going to happen next…what choices would Ella make.  Read this one, it’s enjoyable.

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Here's the inspiration for the post title.

There's a lot of "Keep Calm and..." out there, but this one speaks the truth!
Thanks to the Kindle, this task isn't so heavy anymore. LOL!

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